Adapts to your needs
Two processes are used: dip coating of Plastisol and thermoplastic injection moulding.


Precision and quality
Welcome to l'Atelier de Beaulieu

Specialist since over 40 years,
l’atelier de Beaulieu is an important ideal partner
for the supply of plastic protection.

  • Plastic protection
  • Pieces of all dimensions : Plastic caps (standard dimensions), handles (various designs and dimensions)
  • Sealing bellows
  • All kinds of tubes
  • Over-moulding: Coatings on metal (for example tools) & glass
  • Wide range of colours in different hardness
  • Different aspects of proposed surfaces
  • Technical pieces from the customer’s specification, design and production of tools and prototypes in our in-house tooling and fabrication department
  • Possibility to personalise the pieces with laser marking or screen printing (logo, writing...)
  • Samples possible

Subsidairy Plasti-Tremp, specialist for tailor-made technical pieces
Atelier de Beaulieu
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