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Material, colours and resistance

PVC (also called plastisol) is a vinyl polychloride.

Specific materials

  • For better resistance to hydrocarbons
  • For fire resistance (type M2)
  • Food contact quality material, 60 Shore A white, conforms to the 2008/39/EC directive (5th amendment of the 2007/72/EC directive covering plastics materials and objects for contact with food)


  • To water
  • To the cold (-30°C)
  • To temperature (80°C continuous and 120°C peak)
  • Dielectric from 1 500 to 10 000 volts
  • To acid and a good resistance to abrasion
  • To tearing and breakage


  • 30 shores A to 95 shores A
  • 45 shores D
  • Possibility of producing bi-material parts with different hardness or colours


  • Matte, satin finish, glossy, granite finish, grained finish


We have a wide choice of standard colors , feel free to download our PDF.

For any specific color request, please contact us.

PVC complies with the ROHS directive.

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