Adapts to your needs


L'ATELIER DE BEAULIEU is located in Menetou Ratel in the centre region, specialized in processing of “Plastisol” PVC by dip coating and injection moulding.

We manufacture a wide range of plastic caps permitting to respond to most problems of hooding, masking, obstruction… Our appeal as a subcontractor leads us to be present in all sectors: Industry, paramedic, agriculture, automobile industry, aerospace, construction, childcare, sport, electronics...

The tools are completed within short times and in a cheaper way than other types of plastic production. The low cost allows producing technical pieces, even for a small series production.

Done in cooperation with the clients, the prototypes validate the feasibility of the projects.

Thanks to the diversity of our production equipment (manual and robotic), we adapt to your needs: from the unit piece to mass production.

Our priority: The satisfaction of our clients.

We continuously improve our production equipment and our know-how and expertise to meet our clients’ requirements quickly and with the best quality.


Please do not hesitate to consult us for any further information!

The company is managed according to the 2000 version of the ISO 9001 standard and the ISO 14001 standard, committing to a process of continuous improvement of its products, from design to delivery.

Subsidairy Plasti-Tremp, specialist for tailor-made technical pieces
Atelier de Beaulieu
7 Route de Boucard 18300 Menetou Râtel
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